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AuthorJ. J. W. Mezun
GenreGenre Lit
CountryThe Caves of Steel, WA
LanguageBoskeopoleon English
SeriesBoskeopolis Stories
Publication date2022 February 1
Episode #94
Pretentious “production code”, e’en tho this shit ain’t produced, quit foolin’ yourself, MezunFH575D
Media typeDigital
Word Count4,940 words

Guest appearance(s)

John Wayne as the White Supremacist Whale
Mezun’s cat PJ as the sea

“IN THE BELLY OF THE ANIMAL WHOSE DEMEANOR I DON’T QUITE ENJOY”, or “BOSK-FL5761-BELLY”, as it is abbreviated, is the seventh story of Boskeopolis Stories’s sixth season, and the 94th story overall, written by millenial Jupiterian crustacean J. J. W. Mezun. Autumn and Edgar are eaten by the white supremacist whale while searching Orange Ocean for treasure and spend the story trying to escape.

This story was first published 2022 February 1, but was lost in a server-crash caused by J. J. W. Mezun’s bitter ex-cat hacking into it, making it as-of-now a lost episode, which caused controversy at the time it occured.

There were two known significant versions of this story before it disappeared: the first version had two periods after each chapter title; dialogue was the same color as the rest of the text, surrounded in regular American quotation marks instead of J. J. W. Mezun's usual unusual formatting wherein he colors dialogue Mulberry Red and puts angle brackets round them; and there was no final “chapter”, leading critics to attack this story for being unrealistic in not explaining how Autumn and Edgar escaped to tell everyone the story, which was presumably how Mezun knew about it, since whales obviously can’t talk — that’s ridiculous. The second revision appeared five minutes after the first version’s midnight ( UTC ) appearance when Mezun hastily logged on to clean up yet more fuck-ups on his part.

There are many inconsistencies in the formatting of the title: while the title on the web page was in all-caps with spaces between each word, the version of the title in the address bar is all lowercase letters with hyphens between words.

According to J. J. W. Mezun, the story took more than four years to finish, which makes him an incredible slacker. Come on, man. The author also claimed that it was inspired by his real-life experience reading Moby Dick while sitting at bus stops, which is clearly complete horse shit.1


The story starts with Edgar writing a journal entry on how they ended up eaten by a whale: they were exploring Orange Ocean on a tire — the cheapest ship Autumn could find — and then they were eaten, without any further information.

Autumn interrupts his writing and the two explore the belly of the whale, where they dodge numerous dangerous, such as falling stomach acid drips and maneuvering through rib bones. Edgar thinks he keeps seeing a figure in the shadows, but thinks it is just his imagination, and does not bother telling Autumn. However, Autumn eventually sees the figure, only for him to come out and reveal himself to be Agent Atomic Tangerine, one of Lance Chamsby’s henchmen, who summarily eats them in one gulp.

Inside Agent Atomic Tangerine’s stomach Edgar begins writing in his journal again on various subjects, only for Autumn to interrupt him. Back in the main narration, Autumn and Lance confront each other with Agent Purple Mountain’s Majesty next to him, who explains the reasons for his enimity against Autumn and Edgar before swallowing them in one gulp. Inside Purple Mountain’s Majesty’s stomach, Edgar writes in his journal again, only for Autumn to interrupt him again and for Autumn and Lance to confront each other again, wherein Lance explains that the whale is a robot he had built to trap her. Then he eats her in one gulp. However, they force him to throw them up when they throw objects at his uvula, which causes a chain reaction of regurgitation until they are flung back to Boskeopoleon land. They start to return home, only to feel the world rumble and find themselves thrown up in a “photorealistic” world.


Mezun claimed in an interview he narcissistically posed on his blog that nobody cares ’bout, so we don’t e’en know why he bothered to publish it, anyway, that he first came up with the idea for this story when he was stranded in the deserts of World 2-2 and had to keep warm during the blisteringly cold nights by carving open the stomach of a whale that happened to become beached onto the desert so that he could retrieve the jacket of his that the whale had rudely eaten and realized “that should pad out a season that I totally don't have ’nough stories for, even tho it starts publishing, like, tomorrow”, which is a story so full o’ crap I can't believe Mezun could e’en spew such bullshit without having to wear a paper bag o’er his head whene’er he goes back out into public.1

Mezun also claimed that he came up with the idea of describing the water as blue when he went outside one day and noticed that water was blue.


“IN THE BELLY OF THE ANIMAL WHOSE DEMEANOR I DON’T QUITE ENJOY” utilizes a style most describe as “attempted humor” wherein one takes common tropes in common books and changes them to be much less realistic than the norm — a stylistic device known as “exaggeration”.2 For instance, Mezun follows the event wherein a whale eats the characters, which is a common literary trope with origins in the story of Jonah from The Bible, a work of literature significant to the English tradition of literature, with an event in which another character inside the whale's stomach eats them, which is not normal, since it is not normal for humans to eat other humans when they are both located inside a whale's stomach. This aberrant event similar but different from a previous normal event is intended to be comedic by being different by familiar to a stylistic device that is not comedic. The effect of this comedic literary style is to produce onto its readers “a facial expression formed primarily by flexing the muscles at the sides of the mouth”,3 followed by the opening of said mouth and the production of indescribable sounds.

Mezun also does weird shit with grammar and spelling, such as abbreviating words usually not abbreviated, like “of” and “another” and putting speech and thoughts in brackets and different colors, presumably because he thinks it makes him look clever. He is wrong.


As far as publicly known, no version of this story exists anymore. It was only online from 2022 February 1 to 2, when boskeopolis-stories.com’s databases were hacked into and this story was deleted by Mezun’s ex-cat, Casper.

The two had gotten into a public dispute on December 12 the previous year, Casper claimed, after Mezun had accidentally left Casper out overnight to be eaten by raccoons. The day after, Casper reportedly broke up with Mezun and moved out and in with a young couple in Burien.4

Many have speculated[¿who, honkey-ass?] on what content “IN THE BELLY OF THE ANIMAL WHOSE DEMEANOR I DON’T QUITE ENJOY” had that inspired Casper to single it out. Most reviewers claimed that the story made no mention of Casper at all; and though a few people claimed seeing references to Casper in the stories5, most reviewers rebuked those claims.

The stories were never reuploaded and Mezun, infamously difficult to contact in his subterranean caverns under Mount Rainier, has said little on the subject.

During the brief moment that the story was online, a few blogs reviewed it and a few sites referenced it, including Boskopedia. These scant references are the only remaining information left of “IN THE BELLY OF THE ANIMAL WHOSE DEMEANOR I DON’T QUITE ENJOY”.


Critics generally rated “IN THE BELLY OF THE ANIMAL WHOSE DEMEANOR I DON’T QUITE ENJOY” poorly. JoeShyguy33, in his blog for sprite short stories, Sprite Sullenness, said, “what the fuk u can’t ridd tires in the ocean this maks no sence”, &, “wite supremist whales in boskeopolis story = bad story”, and rated it only 9 out of 10.6 The Tempestuous Literature Critic argued that it was “a fucking shit fuck o’ fuck shits” and that he couldn’t get the page to load due to “some obscure server problems that kept popping up” — a review which was controversial itself due to “The Lit Crit”, as they called him in the hood, spending half of the video reinterpreting the story’s plot using performers he rescued from the circus and the other half repainting a wall blue after his conversion to Happy Happyism.7

After Mezun put the missing final chapter in the second revision, British reviewers criticized him for violating the rules of realistic fiction and not explaining what happened to Autumn and Edgar after they escaped the whale's stomach, and everything else that happened to them hereafter and beforeafter, as if they were mere abstract concepts in textual form and not living organisms who do things 24/7 for 35+ years.8

Patches as he writes his review.

Mezun’s cat, Patches, noted that ’twas “a rehash o’ themes already well-explored thruout seasons 1 - 5 without any twists to make it stand out” and that “the ‘political satire’ gainst white supremacists” was “forced”. He added that his “replacement o’ words in idiomatic phrases with synonyms as a forced attempt @ cleverness has gotten tired”, as had his “Autumn & Edgar explore [ insert common video game setting type ]” plot type. He concluded his review with the controversial argument that Mezun should retire the series ’fore it becomes “as stale as The Simpsons” and that he should spend more time rubbing his “always-chilly belly”.9

Critics[¿who, whitebread, chicken-shit motherfucker?] generally agree that the chapter “Water Levels”, wherein Edgar rants about how “displeasing” and what an “assault gainst the laws o’ physics” it is that you cannot defeat fish enemies by landing on their heads in water levels in video games, had no relevance to the overarching story and should have been cut, as well as Mezun’s fingers, because he seriously fucking sucks as a writer — no joke, bro.


According to the only professional literary analysist who has a high opinion of this story, — and thus, presumably, also a coke addict — Percy Smith, “IN THE BELLY OF THE ANIMAL WHOSE DEMEANOR I DON’T QUITE ENJOY” is an allegory for the failure of monetarism, with the acid drops that Lance unleashes on Autumn and Edgar representing money added to the money supply (the acid drops are yellow — gold, representing money), with Lance’s inability to make his mechanical whale grow using his remote control, which is too complicated for him to understand, a symbol for how increasing the money supply does not always lead to inflation, such as has failed to happen in Japan during the early 2000s, due to “other complexities of the economy”.10 Most literary professors, however, dispute this analysis by noting problems with these points, such as that monetarist economies do not use gold as their standard, which would make the monetary controls necessary impossible, and thus that using the color gold as a symbol would make no sense, or that Chamsby, being an Austrian-schooler who would oppose monetarism, would be a terrible representation for someone trying to enact it, and that the idea is the most coked-out nonsense anyone could e’er pull out of their rectum.11 Smith responded to these critiques by noting that the color yellow is a “corrupted form of gold”, much as those who oppose fiat currencies believe that they are a corrupted form of money; that Chamsby is a parody of economically-contradictory politicians like US senator Ron Paul, who oppose fiat currencies but call the founder of monetarism, Milton Fucking Friedman, their biggest inspiration; and that, no, they’re coke-addled, so there.12

Another literary critic noted that all the cast of the musical had Biblical names, whose names symbolized their role in the play, such as Barjesus handling catering, Zadok acting as producer, and leading man Jonah, whose opening line was even, “My name is Jonah”, as the actor who was sued for pulling out of production after seeing how terrible the script was, despite already being under contract13. Other critics questioned this pattern, asking, “¿Where were Malachy, Xiu, or Dmitri in the Bible?”.14

Literary devices found in this story15

  • Aberrant Albino: Averted: the story specifically states that the white-supremacist whale is peach-colored, &, in fact, demonstrates this view himself when offended by Autumn comparing him to “that pasty-faced fakeWhite freak straight from hell’s seas” when she mistakes him for Moby Dick.
  • Aborted Arc: Autumn & Edgar completely forget ’bout exploring the ocean for treasure after being eaten by the whale. Justified, in that they probably weren’t interested in getting eaten ’gain after finally getting out.
  • Acceptable Targets: White supremacists & whales.
  • Accidental Aesop: Being cheap with your travel can turn out to be much mo’ costly…
  • Absent Actor: Dawn Summers doesn’t appear in this story ’cause her actor, Dawn Summers, already had obligations to play video games.
  • Action Girl: Autumn is a girl & she does things.
    • Also, tho she isn’t in this story, it’s heavily implied that Dawn does stuff @ some point, too, despite being a girl.
  • Allusions: The white supremacist whale is an obvious parody o’ the white whale from Moby-Dick.
    • The coin ship Autumn & Edgar are after is a reference to Super Mario Bros. 3.
    • Orange Ocean is also the name o’ a level in numerous Kirby games.
    • Autumn having hair is a reference to human biology.
    • &, o’ course, it wouldn’t be an episode o’ Boskeopolis Stories without a reference to New Kingdom.
  • Alas, Poor Asshole: Tho the white-supremacist whale is a racist jerk, it’s heavily implied that he has no family left. Whether this is ’cause they died or left ’cause o’ his being an asshole is ne’er said, tho.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: Agent Granny Smith’s tragic death to Lance’s stomach acid after the latter accidentally consumes the former.
  • Aluminum Marxmas Trees: Many fools criticized Mezun’s masterpiece when the white supremacist whale kept having to go up to breathe, saying that fish don’t breathe air oxygen, but water oxygen. Whales aren’t fish & do need to go up to breathe. These fools shall ’ventually meet their doom.
  • & You Thought It’d Fail: & you were right.
  • Animal Antagonist: Subverted — while the white-supremacist whale is demonized in-story, Autumn & Edgar don’t fight it much, but fight mo’ gainst the human Lance Chamsby & his ( also human ) henchmen.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: The violent stomach acid creatures.
  • Anvilicious: Mezun really hammers in the nutritious value o’ eating anvils & why kids should make sure they eat a’least a 1 kilogram every week.
    • Which is odd, since Boskeopolis Stories isn’t read by children, all children having been devoured by Mezun to keep his 512-year-ol’ body from decaying.
  • Ass-Orangutan: Agent Granny Smith Apple.
  • As You Know…: A chapter starts with Agent Purple Mountain’s Majesty seeming to do this, only for Lance to immediately rebuke him for getting details o’ Lance’s plan wrong & saying that this was why he insisted on Purple repeating his plans back to him.
  • Author Appeal: Mezun’s cat, Patches, once revealed in an interview that Mezun has a sexual fetish for whale ribs, which ’splains the deep detail he uses when describing them as Autumn & Edgar travel thru them. Some have interpreted Patches as just joking round, howe’er.
  • Author Filibuster: Most critics agree that Edgar’s irrelevant journal entry ranting ’bout not being able to kill enemies in water levels o’ platformer games is just Mezun giving his opinion without e’en trying to make it sound like Edgar, specially when he has made rants that sound suspiciously similar in blog posts & made a big point o’ averting this trope in the official video game adaptation.
    • The story itself is a victim o’ this. Despite the majority o’ programmers wanting to replace this story concept with a story wherein readers learn ’bout Dawn’s experience in college, — something the majority o’ readers wanted, as well — Mezun prevented them from doing so by talking for multiple decades reading a list o’ all email addresses in existence, which, unfortunately, required an ultramajority o’ programmers to break, which they didn’t have ( they had @ best a hypermajority if Patches could’ve been enticed with a few scraps o’ ’nother programmer’s pork sandwich ).
  • Bad Biology: Shocking as it may be, real whales do not have forests o’ ribs inside their stomach.
    • E’en mo’ shocking: a human cannot eat ’nother human whole in 1 gulp & that human would not magically shrink so that they are smaller than ’nother human’s uvula.
  • Bathos: Seriously, ¿what the hell was up with that “toe-jam thief” story?
  • Breaking the 4th Wall: When the main characters are puked out into the real world.
    • Unsurprising, considering this series.
    • Hey. I’ve had enough o’ your aside comments, popcornchicken22. Now you’ve lost your keyboard privileges.
    • Aw… Bu —
    • Nope. & now you’ve lost your hand privileges, too.
  • Bust the Braggart: The White Supremacist Whale gets this when he gets indigestion after all the ruckus Chamsby & Autumn cause in his stomach after bragging ’bout how stronger white whale stomachs are to dolphins’.
  • Call Back: Agent Purple Mountains Majesty’s gunslinging feet were already mentioned back in “DE-PHIALED WITH BOTTLE-Y HARM YUK YUK GROSS”.
  • Captain’s Log: @ the beginning, & later as a Running Gag.
  • Conditioned to Accept Horror: Autumn’s only reaction to being eaten alive by a whale & finding out she was still in 1 piece was just to say, Huh.
  • Consumed by Controversy: The only reason anyone e’en remembers this story is ’cause o’ the squabble ’tween Mezun & his ex-cat Casper.
  • Cool and Unusual Death: I wish Lance would boil me in golden pudding 😍.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Autumn Springer does this when coloring my Sopranos coloring book for adults, which is why she deserves the minimum sentence o’ 15 years, your honor.
  • Curtailed Curse: Autumn says, ¿What the — , when she realizes she’s been swallowed ’live, only to be interrupted by Agent Purple Mountain’s Majesty shouting, ¡Fudge!, ’pon realizing he dropped his gun & shot his foot. Subverted, tho, in that Autumn immediately continued, — Fuck…?.
  • Defictionalization: For some reason, this story inspired Stormfront to focus their recruitment energies round the Pacific Ocean.
  • Deus ex Machina: Many fans didn’t think it added to the story that Mezun himself swung his giant crab claw into the story to swipe ’way a bullet that wasn’t e’en headed for Autumn, causing it to strike King Fluffy the 256th dead, kickstarting the otherwise avoidable Great Ocean War o’ 2015. Some fans speculate, howe’er, that this was an intentional part o’ Mezun’s chessboard schemes & that he intended for the war to happen. Still makes a lame story, tho.
  • Devious Dolphins: The white-supremacist whales think this way ’bout dolphins in general, potraying them as elitist intellectuals who look down & control the common aquatic life. Howe’er, it’s heavily implied that this is an inaccurate stereotype & that there are in fact plenty o’ stupid dolphins who can’t e’en fill in Boskeopolis Times crosswords.
  • Diabolus ex Machina: The famous bear appears completely at random.
  • Didn’t Think This 1 Thru: Lance’s reaction after eating Autumn & Edgar whole & them, as expected, attacking the inside o’ his body.
  • Drowning Their Sorrows: The white supremacist whale seems to be doing this.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The first thing the white supremacist whale says is a rant gainst “those people” all rushing in to live in his coral reef & “those Silvers” who “stole mayorship from O’Beefe”.
  • Ealdsprǽc: For some reason, the white-supremacist whale only speaks in Shakespearean soliloquies.
  • The Earth Revolves Round Them: The white-supremacist whale seems to act this way.
  • Eldritch Environs: The inside o’ the whale’s stomach ( as well as Lance’s stomach ) is depicted like this.
  • End o’ Episode Insanity: Autumn & Edgar ending up in a “photorealistic” world.
  • Environmental Symbolism: The inside o’ the whale’s stomach is described as being arranged like a deeply-wooded forest, with the ribs acting as trees, setting it up as a place easy to get lost in. This led some critics to imply that this whole story is an allegory ’bout hell, due to Dante’s Inferno beginning with a lost wood that leads to a dark world. Some go e’en farther & connect this with the Ifritist interpretation o’ Magical Socialism that this represents the period o’ “peak capitalist decadence” & the point when the flames rise to burn capitalism into ashes so that the phoenix o’ socialism may rise from it, e’en tho Mezun was an ardent Leviathanist who believed that capitalism would end when the floods come.
  • Entertaining Injuries: Agent Purple Mountains Majesty’s foot injuries are generally played for laughs.
  • Euphemistic Curse: Lance, as always, uses the name o’ a leftist — in this case, Leon Trotsky — as a curse.
  • Evil Laugh: Lance claims that he & his minions specifically practiced this in preparation.
  • Ersatz Man: The white-supremacist whale to Moby Dick.
  • Everyone Is Buddha in the Realm o’ Hungry Ghosts: 1 literary critic insinuated that, much like Moby-Dick, this story is meant to have parallels to the story o’ Jonah due to the names o’ the names o’ some o’ the cast in a stage play rendition, while ’nother theorized that this story was a symbolic satire mocking monetarism. Hardly anyone takes either theory seriously.
  • Everything’s Worse with Whales: The white-supremacist whale fits this well.
  • Excessive Vengeance: The white-supremacist whale reacts to Dorne Dolphin bumping into him & apologizing by trying to get him fired from his ocean taxi service job.
  • Fan Conspiracies: A common theory among fans is that the white whale is supposed to be a secret socialist moral about how capitalism pushes the poor — the whale is stated to be pushed near extinction thru corporate poaching — into racism.
    • However, Word o’ God says that it’s really supposed to be a moral about how capitalist societies always make shoddy rafts & that if we don’t transform the world into Engelsist Magical Socialism immediately, we’ll all drown from shoddy rafts when the floods come.
  • Feet Agony: What happens to Agent Purple Mountains Majesty’s feet when they shoot themselves.
  • Fish Folk: The undigested fish people who live inside the white-supremacist whale’s stomach.
  • Fixed in Formula: the major criticism o’ this story: it’s just yet ’nother “Lance tries to kill Autumn & fails” story.
  • Foreshadowing: Autumn references Lance’s apparent involvement in the drilling project round Boardwalk, a story that isn’t told till the season-8 story, “A BORED WALKTHROUGH THE PARK PLACE”.
  • Freudian ’Scuse: The story behind Agent Granny Smith Apple’s feet learning to use a gun.
  • Hate Out o' 10: As noted ’bove, there exist people who rated this story & there exist people who disagreed with that rating, creating immense controversy.
    • When LIT rated the story an 8 out o’ 10 for being “shitty garbage”, there was an uproar, with many fans criticizing the show for showing its typical bias gainst shitty garbage.
  • Humorous Heart Attack Moment: @ 1 point Autumn jokes that this whole plot could’ve been avoided if they’d just ridden a plane. After 9/11, this joke’s no longer funny, since airplanes can ne’er be funny anymo’.
    • The idea o’ O’Beefe ( who was part o’ the conservative Gold Party ) criticizing the liberal Silvers for “stealing” mayorialship from the Silvers is funny to people in the US right now, as the Republicans would ne’er accuse their friendly rival Democrats o’ stealing an election, since they’re all good sports & put the sanctity o’ US republicanism o’er their own power.
    • Patches’s jokes ’bout this series being ol’ & needing to die in his review o’ this story have become this, as he sadly passed ’way @ the age o’ 16 later the same year. :(
  • Hidden Agenda: A’least 1 literary professor claimed this story is an allegory for monetarism being bad. Howe’er, some think he was just trolling people.
    • Dawn, who is a pansexual black woman, exists in this series, which some criticize as a politically-correct attempt to force people to believe the controversial opinions that pansexual people, black people, or women exist. YKMV, ’course.
    • Autumn, who is a heroic character, buys from a market economy & doesn’t say anything ’bout how the surplus o’ the price she pays goes to exploitive property owners, & spends most o’ the story trying to gain money, which is the primary means market-based economies use for obtaining property. She also doesn’t cover her hair or wear a dress & doesn’t thank God 5 times a day — tho other stories do have people who do these things, which some readers criticize as sending contradictory messages. She also wears glasses, a controversial act which some political regimes believe is an offense that merits the death penalty.
    • Autumn @ 1 point quips ’bout sailing round the world, implying that the world is round, which some people, like rapper B.o.B., disagree with.
    • Edgar is a skeleton person, which is controversial, since some people don’t believe skeleton people exist.
    • This story is a work o’ art, which according to author, reviewer, & man who plays elephant hunter on TV George Orwell, makes it outright propaganda. Some people, howe’er, disagree that this story should be considered art.
  • How Dry I Am: The white-supremacist whale’s described hiccupping, droopy eyes, & rocking movement hint that he is an example o’ this, tho no drinking is shown, & how a whale might drink is left to speculation.
  • Hypocrite: The white-supremacist whale, who complains ’bout human bigotry gainst him while ignoring his own bigotry gainst other whales.
  • Ignored Epiphany: The very day after the white-supremacist whale learns to respect non-white whales, he’s right back to being racist gainst them.
  • I Have a Secret: Shhhhh…
  • Jumped the Shark: Some reviewers call Autumn & Edgar talking to a white-supremacist whale the point wherein the series dropped any pretense to logic just for the sake o’ forcing topical political humor. Howe’er most critics disagreed, noting that the series ne’er made sense & that the problem with the white-supremacist whale ( & this story in general ) was that it was simply tediously uninteresting, rather than shockingly bad.
  • Lapidated Lesson: Mezun claims that he wanted to show how capitalist societies sell terrible rafts, which will leave society unprepared for when the floods come. Howe’er, Autumn doesn’t buy a raft from the store, but a tire, ’cause it’s cheaper — so it’s really all Autumn’s fault for being cheap, not the seller’s.
  • Licking the Blade: Lance @ one point licks a knife, only to immediately return it to his pocket. Nobody’s sure why he does this.
  • Making Fun o’ Real Things: @ 1 point Autumn & Edgar hijack a ship called “Big Polluters”. Notice its initials…
    • A particularly groanworthy 1 is the white-supremacist whale’s favorite news short, “Lox News”.
  • Manly Sorrow: Agent Purple Mountains Majesty’s feet do this in 1 scene.
  • Matryoshka: All o’ the stomachs Autumn & Edgar find themselves in.
  • Mood Whiplash: Agent Purple Mountains Majesty’s story ’bout his feet learning how to shoot starts out funny till he mentions the reason: their mother was murdered by a toe-jam thief, leading them to have life-long fears o’ thieves.
  • Lost Episode.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The idea that there may be whales out there thinking racist thoughts…
  • Nightmare Repel: The “spooky” music that started playing in the background when scrolling past the part where they’re eaten. Likely intentional.
  • No Contest: Surprisingly, in this story Lance beats Autumn & Edgar without Autumn able to so much as touch him, thanks to his sudden superpower to eat them in 1 gulp.
  • Odd Ammo: Autumn & Edgar use the extravagant furniture that for some reason furnishes the inside o’ Lance’s mouth to throw @ Lance’s uvula after he eats them.
  • People Sit in Chairs: Averted.
  • Plot Hole: If the white supremacist whale never shows itself to be racist, ¿why is his 1st line a racist rant?
  • Positive Parody: to Moby-Dick, ’course.
  • Redundant Redundancy: Lance: That’s why I swallowed you into my stomach.
  • Renowned Self-Own: Agent Purple Mountain being foiled by his own feet turning gainst him.
  • Resistance Is Futile: We have your family surrounded & if you make a sudden move we’ll make them read lecherous stories o’ our personal lives.
  • Ribcage Belly: The story specifically describes the whale’s stomach as this.
  • Ridiculous in Retrospect: The events o’ “HOLLY DAZE ARE THE HOLIEST OF DAIS”, prove that that Autumn & Edgar wouldn’t have been safer taking a plane…
    • The joke ’bout the white supremacist whale claiming that he’ll ’ventually rule the world is a lot less funny since Trump o'erthrew President Joseph Biden in the infamous “Coup o' 2024” & declared himself President for Life in the US. After Mezun’s shockingly accurate prediction that Clinton would win the 2016 election, he stupidly failed to predict Joseph Biden would win the 2020 election & that Trump, bitter from a loss, would attempt to o’erthrow the election, e’en tho such a normal event is obvious. What a dumbass.
  • Running Gag: Autumn & Edgar being eaten whole &, later, them being puked out.
    • A gag running gag, ¿wouldn’t you say?
    • ¿Is this thing on?
  • Scapecreator: @ 1st, Mezun blamed the bourgeoisie for the disappearance o’ this story, till he checked his email & saw a message from Casper saying, “ha take that ass”.
  • Scooby Human Story: Lance goes thru all this trouble & spends so much money, but doesn’t e’en come close to scratching Autumn.
    • Autumn herself gets completely sidetracked from treasure-hunting.
  • Seasonal Rot: Patches’s opinion o’ Boskeopolis Stories by this point. ( See ’bove ).
  • Self-Reference: The license that Agent Granny Smith Apple’s feet supposedly have has been used before.
  • Simpsons Did It: The ending is suspiciously reminiscent o’ the ending to an episode o’ The Simpsons — specifically the “Treehouse of Horror VI” short, “Homer3”.
  • Snape Kills Dumbledore, But With a Noble Motive: Thanks to all the commentary round this story, everyone already knows Lance fails to kill Autumn & end the spectre o’ communism haunting Europe. Then ’gain, nobody cares, either.
  • So-Called Flaw: The whale never says anything or indicates any opinions itself; it’s just called a “white supremacist” by the author. Likely an intentional joke.
  • So Ordinary It’s OK: The common opinion o’ this story, by both fans & critics: it’s not as bad as “YOU SNOOZE YOU GET EATEN BY AN ELDRITCH HORROR” or “PROVINCE OF EMERGENCY”, but it’s no “EIGHTY FISH PIE-SQUARED FISH CLEAR FISH TIE-DYE FISH” or “YOU CAN TALK THE TALK BUT CAN YOU TALK THE TALK THE TALK TALK TALK”. Honestly, the only reason anyone e’en remembers this story is ’cause o’ the controversy o’er its Lost Episode status.
  • Swallowed Alive.
  • Status Quo Close: Lance’s attempt to kill Autumn fails, as always.
    • The white-supremacist whale learning to respect darker whales is immediately ruined when their prey is taken by an orca. Subverted, howe’er, in that the white-supremacist is ne’er seen in the series ’gain, anyway.
  • Stealth Pun: White whale, white male.
  • Stomach Level: The whale’s stomach.
  • The Hater, Its Own Creator: Mezun admitted that this “wasn’t [his] best story”, leading some to argue that Mezun does have a backup o’ this story, but just doesn’t want to reupload it, or e’en some theories that he & Casper clintoned up the whole controversy as a ’scuse to delete the story.
  • Strawman Gives a Good Point: Tho the white-supremacist is consistently shown to be a bitter asshole who shows no empathy for any o’ the other sealife & only e’er complains ’bout his own problems, he is right that he ( as well as whales in general ) is a victim o’ oppression by humans & is right that humans are driving whales to extinction.
  • Supporter Schism: Mixed with Scapecreator: fans furiously debate whether or not J. J. W. Mezun truly wrote this story or if a Boskeopoleon named Nasrin Mohsen wrote all these stories & Mezun has been taken credit for them. Some, howe’er, believe Nasrin is only a figment o’ Mezun’s imagination, while others believe Mezun is a figment o’ Nasrin’s imagination.
  • The Killer Has Been Killed: This doesn’t actually happen in this story, actually; I just thought you might want to know that this device exists in some work. Not everything has to be ’bout Boskeopolis Stories, you know.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: This story could’ve easily been a witty parody o’ Moby Dick: Autumn’s life-threatening obsession with success would make her a perfect parallel for Cap’n Ahab, & Boskeopolis Stories already loves blending together different genres, so there could’ve easily been parallels to the rants ’bout whale biology & the history o’ pipes. ’Stead what we get is ’nother predictable “Lance tries to kill Autumn & fails pathetically” story.
  • ¿What Ever Happened to the Fedora?: No explanation is given for what happens to Lance & his minions after Autumn & Edgar ’scape to the photorealistic world.
  • ¿What Was That? Moment: The decision o’ the other skeletons in the whale’s stomach to randomly play the xylophone.
  • Writer Police Out: Awfully convenient that there’s furniture in Lance’s throat just there for Autumn to throw @ his uvula. Book ’em, chief.
  • Unexplained Incident: The story ’hind Agent Purple Mountain’s Majesty’s claim that his feet had a shooting license is ne’er elaborated.
  • Urban Legend of the 4 Switches: Many claim that doing various bizarre things like getting into o’er 1,000 fist fights with people in your local town ( impossible without getting arrested 1st ) or checking under an arbitrarily specific truck next to a specific ship will make this story reappear — usually by causing Mezun himself to appear before whoe’er does these things & bestows it ’pon them as “reward”. This is despite the fact that Mezun has been vocal ’bout his disdain for this story & has said repeatedly that he doesn’t have a copy ( & that if he was willing to disappear a story he didn’t like, he would’ve disappeared “PROVINCE OF EMERGENCY” long before this story ).
  • Word o’ Plato: ’Twas this story that created the famous idea that the white whale was a racist, not Moby Dick, which actually portrayed the titular white whale as racially progressive for the time.
  • What Might’ve Been: In an interview with his cat, Mezun once claimed that he originally planned to have the white supremacist whale be a turtle as a reference to the Great Bay turtle from Majora’s Mask, but said that he “decided [he’d] referenced video games ’nough already”.
  • ¿Who Is This Man?:
    • Agent Granny Smith — tho many call him cowardly, many fans think the fact that he regularly faces gainst Autumn despite his lifelong fear o’ thieves makes him quite brave.
    • ¿Is Edgar truly telling the truth, or is he trying to lie to cover up Autumn’s crimes gainst humanity?
  • ¿Why Don’t You Just Shoot Them?: Yeah, ¿why don’t you? I won’t tell. It’ll be our little secret.
  • Write What You Know: According to Mezun, this story is based on his own experience being devoured by a white supremacist whale, which is how he lost his only arm.
  • You Fail Backing-Up Files Fore’er: ¿What idiot keeps their only copy o’ a story on just the web server? “¿Duh? ¿What’s version control?”.
  • Your Kilometerage May Vary: Like with all stories.


  • Numerous typos, such as putting an apostrophe instead o’ an f & e in “o’” & “eventually”, respectively or misspelling “between” as “’tween”, as well as made-up words like “ladroneous” or “gelid”.
  • For some reason, in this story image, Autumn was depicted with brown hair & is missing shoelaces & Edgar was just a photo o’ a guy in a really bad grim reaper costume — including the sickle, despite Edgar ne’er having 1.
  • @ 1 point, Lance curses, “¡Leon Trotsky!”. But as our Great Leader Stalin will tell you, Leon Trotsky ne’er existed.
  • While I was imagining Autumn being puked out @ 1 point, for some reason I visualized her as only having 3 fingers on 1 hand ’stead o’ 5. ¿Isn’t that odd?
  • Clicking on the SexyTurtles.com ad does not lead to SexyTurtles.com, but ’stead to a creepy picture o’ a witch.
  • This story was programmed in JavaScript, & not Haskell, God's chosen programming language.
  • All o’ the chapter titles had 2 dots @ the end, ’stead o’ just 1, as normal.
  • I dropped my sundae on the floor, depriving me o’ the only dessert I’ll get today. ( Sobs. )
  • Mezun also gets his interpretation o’ Engels’s 7th canto wrong: he doesn’t say that capitalism leads to shoddily-built rafts, but that capitalism fails to float when set on water, which plays an integral part o’ Engels’s plan to drown capitalism. This difference in interpretation plays a key role in the schism o’ Magical Socialism™ into Leviathanists & Ifritists.
  • Some guy wrote the word “math” as “maths”, which I thought ’twas a dumb error. Then I looked it up & realized that in the UK that’s the right way to spell it. What a dumb error for me to make, ¿right?
  • ’Cause the inside-stomach part is coded in JavaScript, one can inject errors into the code to prevent that part from appearing, allowing one to skip directly to the end @ the beginning — a common tactic for TAS readers.
  • The story now only gives a 404 error. Said error, also misquotes Rage Gainst the Machine’s “No Shelter” lyrics, “There’ll be no shelter here” as “There’ll be no content here”.
  • Not including my character Jimbo is the last mistake Mezun will e’er make in his life.

Easter Eggs

  • The leftmost letter o’ each line combine to read instructions for how to find a secret episode o’ Boskeopolis Stories called, “IF YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM THEN YOU MIGHT AS WELL BE KILLED BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LOSE IN LIFE I KNOW I’VE DONE IT QUITE A FEW TIMES IN MY DAY YOU LITTLE SNAPPERWHIPPERS”. This is a common pattern in many episodes o’ Boskeopolis Stories, as well as the short story, “Trick or Treatment”.
  • If you look closely @ the beginning o’ chapter 3, you’ll see that they look just like an anchor.
  • As in every episode picture, Sorcerer Stripedbeard is hidden somewhere in the background.
  • If you read this story backward, you’ll get ’nother, much mo’ absurdist story that starts, “Mlaer eramthgin siht epacs’ dluoc yeht woh saw tuob’ kniht dluoc yeht lla”.
  • If you click on the word “clock” in this story, the spyware Mezun secretly installed on your computer when you entered the page will recognize it & Mezun will mail you an elixir, which tastes like spiced wine.

Fanfic Recs

  • Hey, everyone, I wrote this kicking story where Edgar becomes pregnant with Autumn & he breat-feeds her, which is really ho — I mean, truly meaningful & deep.
  • Kaizo Boskeopolis Stories: An episode o’ Boskeopolis Stories if ’twere written by James Joyce… & James Joyce wrote in C++ & filled his plot with carniverous black plants.


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