J. J. W. Mezun ☆ Season 1 ☆ 2014 April 10

“Madame and Sir Pescario, so wonderful to have your company,” Mortimer said as he led them inside.

“I say, old friend, where did you get the money to afford such residential enhancements?” Madame Pescario asked as she gazed around at all of the sparkling diamond coral and the giant limestone castle.

Mortimer snickered, clicking his claws. “You wouldn’t believe the stupendous luck I’ve had.”

“I wouldn’t,” Sir Pescario said as he rubbed his pince-nez with a fin as if everything he saw were fog.

“You didn’t win big at Go Fish, did you?” Madame Pescario asked.

“Nope,” Mortimer answered. “You wouldn’t believe it: I was scuttling on the edge of the lake, and wouldn’t you know, I just so happened to find piles of money scattered along the ground. Amazingly, nobody had claimed it yet.