J. J. W. Mezun ☆ Season 1 ☆ 2013 December 10

While walking down the sidewalk in front of her apartment, Autumn noticed the recycling bin standing on the curb, which was odd, since it was recycling day that day. Even odder, though, she noticed Edgar sitting inside, with his legs hanging over the edge and the lid hanging over his head like a cap.

“Edgar, why are you sitting in a recycling bin?” Autumn asked when she stopped in front of it.

After a moment of staring down guiltily and fidgeting fidgedly, he said, “I’m hoping maybe someone could salvage me into something useful.”

After a short pause, Autumn leapt up into the neighboring bin.

“Uh, Autumn… You know that’s a garbage can, right?”

Without turning to him, Autumn replied, “I’m not as optimistic as you are.”