J. J. W. Mezun ☆ Season 5 ☆ 2018 March 1

Sneakers &
robe hem
sticking with dirt.
Shoe laces
so soon grabbed
Dripping mud
climbs & clings
up to socks.
Heavy feet
pressing down
wooden poles.
1 pole falls,
’nother rises,
forming stairs.
Silverware lake
reflects world
through white flecks.
In army
snorting ducks.
Slurring sounds ~
runny mouth
o’ pond water.
Lavender sky
clear as dawn
warm & cool.
Buzzing black
specks scatter
through sunlight.
Such floaty
tadpoles all
in circles.
tadpoles strong
under feet.
Long green teeth
guarding a
craggy mouth.
Tranquil lake ~
burning eyes,
aching lungs.
’Neath milky
lake fruity
pebbles sleep.
Tadpoles meet.
Hop to cross,
miss & fall.
Moss grows on
damp rings on
throat spirals.
Noses smell
mint scent &
wet rubber.
On shrooms sit
glazed-eyed toads
clearing throats.
Teal rock walls
sparkle with
water drops.
Nostrils sniff,
stuffed with air
that smells damp.
Bendy flowers
sticking with
morning dew.
Water warm
in water;
cold outside.
Bird shadows
cut through the
cloudless sky.
Lake ripples
’neath waxing
gibbous moon.
crickets croon
to the moon.
Water tastes
sweet, but O,
so bitter.
Faint clouds form ~
rain dribbles
tickling skin.
Treasure chest ~
though soggy,
wood still stiff.
purple bats
fly circles.
tubby frog
clogs passage.
Key steel clicks,
turning in
Cold key warm
& drenched
in sweaty palms.
Crystal crocs
lurk ’bove the
lake surface.
Pebbles hide
in niches
in the wall.
News: key chain
hanging round
the neck, clenched.
Red frogs pop
pushing apple
stacks o’ holes.
Apple lands
inside mouth.
Becomes plump.
Plump, they fall.
& climb ’gain.
Wood ladders
blue as the
cave itself.
Pebbles fall,
followed by
huge boulders.
Sea bass swim ~
what soothing
Cold drops fall.
Dark shirt &
robe shiver.
Faces leap
’bove surface,
gasping breaths.
Grass rustles
as they push
through its slits.
Saplings sway
slowly in
unfelt wind.
A peach falls
down into its bath.
Thin branches
partake in
morning swims.
Seaweed sleeps,
clinging to
legs till peeled.
Rock wall locked;
lost memory:
RAM it.
The sun leaves
red echoes
in dark eyes.
Kicked pebble
jumps off edge
into lake.
hole leads to
’nother lake.
Pink petals
scatter ’long
red birch feet.
Frogs become
ghosts under
the surface.
Desert rock
on 1 side;
shade other.
Sea spider
hides in cracks
in the leaves.
Birch leaves
leave spread flecks
o’ shadows.
Splashes hop
down stone steps
to the lake.
Colors of
grass go home
for the night.
Shirt presses
to robe in
the cold night.
Breathing seen
in the dark
o’ the night.
Huge tulips
open &
close their mouths.
Petals shake
& plummet
under feet.
Soft drops strum
gainst hard dirt
in echoes.
Crunchy drums
follow all
their footsteps.
Runny yolk
pours out a
tulip’s mouth.
In darkness
wall wrinkles
lead the way.
Rumbles run
through ground, then
ne’er return.
sits on flower,
& then leaves.
Slip on grass
oily from
morning dew.
They don’t know
this insect,
but she guards.
Fish flee from
the swimming
Seaweed tries
to drown them
by their feet.
Rocky rain
falls from the
cave ceiling.
Seagulls swipe
shirt collars
’cross the pond.
Soft dirt caked
in sun, slick
by the pond.
Yawning mouths
can taste the
blinking stars.
Thin plastic
pond becomes
soup beneath.
Lungs tighten;
bubbles dance
Fallen rocks
still coat tongue
in fuzz dust.
The pond sneaks
in through cracks
in their mouths.
Fly wanders
into mouth,
then zips out.
Flooded pond.
Door opened.
Empty pond.
Empty pond.
Door opened.
Flooded pond.
Water drops
up on air
past splash page.
Cave’s lower
liquids rush
toward light.
Steep canyon
stands currents
beneath the waves.
The name’s true:
pond smells o’
Swaying stems
tick off slow
Hands both warm
& cold ’neath
gems & gold.
Hands fill bag
stomach with
scoops o’ gems.
shoulder aches ~
treasure weight.
Stale air speeds
past faces
on the owl.
Hot air speeds
past faces ~
owl explodes.
In the night
sharing gloom ~
cave & pond.
Rough, wrinkled
currents melt
to smooth lake.
The pond shrinks
from the top
o’ the cliff.
Warm dust scents
itch nostrils
sneezing cold.
Sun & rain
spread rainbow
Ducks hydrate
the ground with
falling drops.
’Lone in a
pond full o’the
fowl & fish.
¿Drenched right now?
¿Or are they
dry later?
The starlight
burns harsher
than the sun’s.
Rolling by
casually ~
huge boulder.
Watch their steps.
Frog jumps them
from behind.
Lake trickles
clog their ears
to emptiness.
Feet walk home;
hair strands stay
in the pond.
By the pond
Autumn drinks
her bottle.
Swims supone
flower; other
drowns face-down.
As they climb,
robin tweets
action theme.
Douses danger,
scaly hide
o’ rose leaf.
Hours sucked ’way
by light flecks
on the leaves.
Tadpoles bump;
both turn, part.
Sit back, still:
the tadpole
moves for them.
Ground crumbles ~
feet run
slower than hearts.
Fog stretches ~
squeezes in
thin wet drops.
Somehow bent,
stepped-on grass
the nicest.
Begrudged hand
drops peanuts.
Birds tepid.
Flower batters
its guests with
sweet pollen.
Unseen wind
in their heads
after run.
Rain drops, rocks,
short grass, &
hang gliders.
Mushrooms watch
tadpoles bounce.
Tossed ’way close
In harsh wind
sweat dribbles
down grass stalk.
To Autumn
sing in spring.
Yellow, leaves in
Moonrise in March ~
time is
flying by.
Such soft clouds…
How hard, li’l
rocks below.
Indeed: left
its face mark ~
moon river.
In ears chirp
soft Q-tip ~
buggin’ out.
Mirror, mirror ~
river inside
half the rubies,
half the emeralds.
Taste buds drunk
or pond’s been
No starfish;
still they hear
clamshell drums.
Using free
grocery bags
to hold gems.
2 close frogs ~
¿which is the
palette swap?
heads in clouds ~
poked in pond.
Trapped in bubble
trapped in pond
trapped in pond.
Above, the clouds
clear in the
pool o’ rain.
Toad with pipe ~
it straight-up
belches clouds.
by grooviwolves ~
on scent, tree
worms pacing.
Cavy night ~
their ears ring
in silence.
sips pollen,
shoots lasers.
Snake spits fire ~
red hairs splay
in the breeze.
The mud won’t
let go the
dirty feet.
Yeah, crows see
them, but they’re
not looking.
They’ve become
in the pond.
From their view
made breezes.
How long lasts
the pond when
How short lasts
the pond when
in ’lone drops.
Polite trout
greets as they
try to cross.
to take its
fresh perfume.
just give them
They swear they
saw those logs
ride up falls.
Look: the cool
water hugs
the dry rocks.
So many
pebbles here ~
a dry flood.
Up they climb,
dripping slime
after ducks.
In bright air,
beating hearts;
grabs them all.
’Bove the lake
the wind tries
to drown them.
Petals leap ~
crazies run
through their bed.
The river
dances to
unheard songs.
Already foes
strike Autumn ~
dropped petals.
Spring showers,
spring sunlight ~
just 1 day…
Mustard… reaps
heaven’s route down ~
¡rock-blocked, cats!
Li’l mount mine ~
Autumn naps…
¡cuckoo! ¡clocked!
¡Hoppers call! ~
caught by 1.
Waiting stars…
Catches breath…
sees on sleeve
a firefly.
Sleep done, cat
yawns, ups, but
gives no fuck.
Blocks leaf’s fan ~
sleeps fat cat.
spiders keep home
Ducks floating
in the pond ~
¡Hope you’re lucky!
The Illusion o’ a House
Wood titters…
¡Don’t catch age!
House in trees.
By mount stream,
trade temp’tures,
seasons bloom.
Pedals, spread:
from snake time
to tiger time.
’Tween branches
dwelled too long
this evening.
Hey, Sir Toad,
¿won’t you go
& fly ’way?
A ( gyu… ) frog ( gyu… ) was ( gyu… ) killed.
Toad emerges
& flies ’way ~
mourning moon.
In pretty spring,
a rainy Autumn
¿How you
enjoying yourselves?

~ Tiger mouth.
Cat’s bell tolls:
head in roses.
There, there.
Hey, blossoms:
¿why scatter
so soo ~ ?
Filled with shame,
Flat on the ground,
the thief.
— They call them stupid.
They understand what we say better than we understand them.
She understands all she wants to.
too, Cruel.
Her nature.
Seem to like it.
Wonder what I look like to her.
¿Weight o’ a tower?
No, she could jump me.
Best if she
left this bed
this second.
Already I — have become tired o’ such a deep-slumber feline,
in the grass, the masses o’ royal fur — has grown up to
its full weight &
’neath it —
A cat is smiling.
— You cat: don’t lie so stubbornly and terribly,
taking up way too much space.
— ¡ムルクグナオ!
But th’beetles
fast as ~ ¡buzzt!
l( f
ns )
Ghastly white
faces on crowds
branches black.
Missed a tick
ice-blocked door.
Close, anyway…
A pond is
a pond is
Ol’ Spring Breeze ~
firs shedding
apples ’gain.
Bomb goes off.
Calm like.
¿What you say?
The short night ~
washing the river.
Her pieces leaps.
A dark sound.
Ol’ well…
themselves to
this pond snail.
Autumn inch
by inch climbs
a pond.
“Eggs, milk, cheese…”
swimming down
the river.
Branches in
river feed
the pond scum.
Big white moon ~
small in the
small black moon.
Slow going,
with rapids.
No, I ne’er
went away;
as yet I
have no aim ~
I am the owl.
This Autumn:
¡O, don’t you
complain, too!
♪ Do Re Mi ♫
breed in bloom
on a plain.
Spring Rainy Morning Grogginess

Hot, hot 4th spring morn:
stressful, 2 young girls
rise late. Dark’s on soon.
Wakes bland sun view outside.
Air now warms bottled sea;
air feels cold: sheets off.
Dawn clear cold not rise.
Frost leaves clear plain green.
The blades can’t
quite land on
Autumn wind
is the voice
of sighing.
Blares clearly
lazy eye ~
In the fire,
don’t get mad ~
1 hot minute.
In spring ~
Autumn already
full o’ regrets.
Chases sun,
then darkness ~
chases, sun.
Black birds
following me ~
relief comes in waves
Such limestone ~
40 oz.
to freedom.
Nervous spring,
trees in wind ~
they both shake.
Skies are full
of gimmicks ~
Good weather.
Long day tires
before it
reaches night.
This sugar
cookie tea
tires the day.
But this
peppermint tea
wakes the night.
Autumn tastes
rocky road.
Just deserts….
Too weak for
the next world,
Hoists rainbows
on its back ~
found the pond ~
rainy streets.
Drift off with
evening songs.
Afternoon truce ~
civil chat ’mong
birds & crickets.
The sky’s crane ~
so much for
a long life…
Autumn feels
soft hot spring ~
hard Winters.
Rocky mouth
gazes @ them,
Gorgeous stars
in pool
pay them no mind.
Low flower
stares @ its
Moon works late ~
Its kids fly all round
with buzzes.
Twilight ~
just arriving.
Spring evening ~
Autumn falls,
crickets sing.
Waves hello ~
a distant
mountain fir.
Diamond sinks…
nearby fish
don’t e’en glance.
By the pond ~
just waking
up to school.
This dirt’s 1 day;
then it’s
13 ways
a blackbird
looks @ them…
¡Such luck!.
A diamond falls
in the pond.
The gold coin ~
It could buy…
Evening void.
The moon shines full ~
& when she stands
round the altar…
Banana ~
how short lasts
its whiteness.
picks up FredMart bag
with her beak.
The duck squawks
’bout these
hipster tourists.
Dragging up
back to work ~
morning sun.
That fickle
gorgeous tease ~
evening moon.
for so long…
this treasure.
Shiny gems ~
covered in
How I wish
I could be lonely
with you
Cavern skulls ~
All of them
smile @ me
they wait for a light
that ne’er comes.
White diamonds ~
they’re worth more
than they’re worth.
Sometimes I wish
my bones were
The birds cry ~
they, too, die
with nothing.
stray diamonds
left behind.
Tattered cloth ~
still here
when we all die.
Pewter pond ~
wind knocks them into
The envy…
squirms straight for their feet,
Marxist snail.
To be dirt ~
strong ’nough to
be stepped on
Falling shards ~
bridge to heaven…
or to hell.
Rainy bridge ~
Williams’ lost
Morning sun ~
he sure hates
flat design.
Spider’s den ~
web design.
Greedy sun ~
marks territory
paints themself
in the pond.
Army takes
a bath break ~
stumps in pond.
Grim Autumn ~
Trees desperate
for good luck.
Cool sunlight ~
scaly hide
of stones.
Cloudy sky ~
the sun, too,
can’t decide.
Vibrant spring ~
the cool touch
of soft moss.
Spring ~
as still as
The smaller moon
takes on
greater darkness.
City fir
this pond, too.
Bridge to heaven ~
our lovers chat
toward the end.
Golden koi ~
e’en fish have
rich & poor.
Pond turtle ~
retiring for the
Pond turtle ~
& smiling.
Pond turtle ~
left orphaned
& smiling.
Pond tortoise ~
for decades.
Ol’ tortoise ~
its friends have
all gone ’way.
Peppermint Pond ~
colored like
coin mint.
Vibrant spring ~
e’en the pond
becomes green.
Mossy pond ~
as green as
rusting coins.
Wary ducks
speak the tongue
of breadcrumbs.
Dressed in black,
servants clean
up their mess.
Rain remains
stored in moss
on this stump.
In the sun ~
bluejay sings
on a stump.
This turtle
thinks it’s already
Moon o’er pond ~
& out sprouts
In the pond ~
shock of cold
mountain fall ~
a taste of
Baby tree
in the woods.
Spring breeze ~
swaying round,
that wild rose.
In hot sun
nature lies
plum blossoms.
Steps on each
other’s toes ~
ivy leaves.
Left running
all evening ~
babbling brook.
Reading ’bout
desert suns
in this rain…
Attacked by
the deep blue
red snapper.
Would like to
join you guys ~
Mossy log ~
a remnant
of winter.
Dry tortoise ~
it ne’er
halts its march.
Waxing moon ~
the hunger o’
not quite full.
Waxing moon ~
like spring, it grows up
just to fade.
So lonely,
the cold touch
of raindrops.
A harsh
awakening ~
spring rain.
A wave
bumps into them
on its way.
Spicy chips ~
the pond is
waiting by.
Squirms for a
mountain this snail knows
she’ll ne’er reach.
Autumn’s true
on the rocks.
Ne’er perfect,
this spring keeps
starting o’er.
Early spring ~
a heater
that don’t work.
Hell: when spring
weather is
root beer that
tastes like roots
& pond water.
Sky’s so blue ~
it shares with
the water.
Sky’s so blue ~
it is
Sun’s so tired
it barely stays up
’fore night comes.
It’s just trees
standing round
a quaint pond.
Feeding ducks ~
Autumn feels
A loud cry ~
skylarks flee
bitter Autumn.
That pond scum…
a piece of Autumn —
cadging hairs.
Needy pond ~
splashes up
after them.
On a bus
to the pond ~
their sentence…
Spring water ~
in the sun.
Spring boulder ~
as stubborn
as Autumn.
Flimsy bridge ~
it, too, must
come to end.
Thirsty leaves
jump into
the water.
his motorcycle ~
lucky toad.
Peppermint ~
reminds them
of last year.
E’en this fly
thinks I’m a
piece of shit
Spring ~
always ruined by
The treasure
is in the
going home.
Springtime rain ~
ducks croon as
they shower.
Spring ~
not long ’nough
to contain spring.
Autumn rain ~
that pond’s just
Early spring ~
leaf shivers
all alone.