J. J. W. Mezun ☆ Season 1 ☆ 2014 June 10

His face was beaming, smile stretching from cheek to cheek as he held it snug to his chest. He could feel its pulsations match those o’ his heart.

’Twas his luckiest day in the world.

With this, I’ll finally be able to try out my experiment on Boskeopolis in entirety—the grandest o’ experiments in the world. I’ll be sure to win a Loftey Prize!

He plugged it into the clean white plastic holder, closed the glass cover, & typed in the command to activate.

The machine buzzed.

The machine whirred.

& the earth shook.

& inside, the diamond glowed & pulsed mo’ than it ever had before.

’Twas it’s luckiest day in the world, too.

It’d be time for its grandest experiment, too.

Then, suddenly, the lights went out & the machine’s noises deflated.

“Muridae,” Dr. Equinox said with a snap o’ his finger. “Knew I needed mo’ power. O well: I have all the time in the world.”

The diamond began shaking wildly, ready to make a girder fall on Equinox’s head.

No. Have patience, it told itself. Your time shall come...